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Each day across the nation, thousands of buses carry children to school, workers to their jobs and back home to their families, and even travelers between states. While buses offer a fundamental service, providing quick and easy transport at an affordable rate, they can also be dangerous vessels due to their few seatbelts, lack of airbags, and often overcrowded spaces. Being involved in a bus accident can often be severe and life-changing.

Unfortunately, the risk of serious injuries or fatalities is very high due to the severity of bus accidents. Because of the size and impact, medical care should be of primary concern after being involved in a bus accident. Furthermore, not only is immediate medical treatment paramount to your health, but it is also essential to your case. Whatever your case may be, the experienced attorneys at Saeedian Law Group will treat you like family to ensure proper compensation through persistent attention and care for your case.

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Wize Law Services works closely with business owners to ensure businesses run smoothly. We often negotiate and draft contracts and buy-and-sell agreements, assist with corporate compliance measures and tax filing, and represent businesses in shareholder disputes and commercial litigation cases. Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators and litigators, and know how to best represent your financial interests, successfully resolving your issues in the boardroom or the courtroom.

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